Craft Beer Glasses win German Design Award Special Mention 2016

In a festive setting at the Ambiente Fair, Spiegelau’s Craft Beer glasses were awarded the German Design Award 2016 on Friday 12 February. The internationally recognized Award is a premium prize of the German Design Council, which sets out to discover and honour unique design trends. The company was recognised in the “Special Mention” category, for their unique commitment to the development of glassware specifically crafted for specific styles of beer. Unlike other glasses, the awarded products were not designed on a drawing board but have been designed through a sensory workshop process featuring leading craft beer brewers.

Established in 2012, the German Design Award is one of the best-known design competitions in the world, held in high regard well beyond professional circles. It is bestowed by the German Design Council, the main authority for brands and design in Germany. Every year, top-quality submissions from product and communications design are awarded, all of which are uniquely groundbreaking in the international design landscape.
“It is a great honour to us to receive an award like this,” says Richard Voit, the Managing Director of Spiegelau. “After successfully receiving the Red Dot Award and the International Design Excellence Award last year, I’m especially happy that the Craft Beer glasses’ story of success continues this year as well.”

About the Craft Beer series

“High performance at every occasion”; Spiegelau has produced in Germany for over 500 years, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies. The brand specialises in high-quality and elegant crystal glasses for everyday use, providing a perfect balance between form and function. Within their rich glassmaking history, Spiegelau’s versatility has shone through; from crafting fine mirrors for the historic royal houses of Europe, to producing tough yet classy glasses for modern gastronomy.
Today, Spiegelau uses the most advanced technology to be able to guarantee all their glasses to be tough and reliable. The brand has developed state-of-the-art machines to keep production efficient and therefore heavily competitive. The resulting glass products not only possess high brilliance, but are also highly break resistant and dishwasher safe.

Whether it’s a question of style-specific beer glasses or versatile universal wine glasses, a Spiegelau glass can be raised at every occasion.

About the German Design Council

The German Federal Parliament founded the German Design Council in 1953. Their objective was to create a platform through which Germany’s outstanding contributions to design could be communicated both nationally and internationally. The Council has since become one of the globe’s leading centres of excellence, for communication and brand management in the sector of design.
Now boasting more than 200 members, including designers, businesses, and associations, the foundation is committed to supporting emerging talent as well as promoting the unique and valuable contribution of German design to business and culture.

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