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Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, November 4, 2016 – The Perfect Serve Collection from Spiegelau wins the German Design Award 2017. In the “Special Mention” category, the holistic concept that lies behind the glasses was honored. The ten-part bar series thus combines esthetic demands, functionality and a sensory effect. It was developed in collaboration with the bar manager Stephan Hinz, who applied his extensive practical experience. The German Design Award honors innovative products that are ground-breaking in the international design landscape. It is awarded each year by the German Design Council, a top-class jury from the field of design and shape as well as from social and technical fields. Even in 2016, Spiegelau glasses were among the winners of the award; it was the Craft Beer Glasses that won that time.

The holistic concept that lies behind the glasses from the Perfect Serve Collection was honored with the German Design Award. The glasses combine the esthetic, functional and sensory demands of professional bar gastronomy in equal measure. These criteria impressed the jury of the award, as their assessment includes the visually appealing shape as well as factors such as user-friendliness, ecological qualities and the overall concept. The German Design Award is one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide. The jury consists of experts from the fields of design and architecture as well as from social and technical fields. “This award is a very great honor for us. Being able to win in a design competition at an international level shows that our work on development has been worthwhile. When designing glasses, we work with experts as they know what is important in practice and what sensory requirements must be met. This is also true of the Perfect Serve Collection, which bar manager Stephan Hinz developed with us. It is all the more wonderful, then, that it has now won this important award,” says Spiegelau CEO Richard Voit. Even in previous years, Spiegelau was able to impress the jury of the German Design Award. In 2016, the Craft Beer Glasses were awarded in the category “Special Mention”.

About the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz

With the jointly developed Perfect Serve Collection, the traditional glass manufacturer Spiegelau and the award-winning bar manager Stephan Hinz created something unique: a ten-part glass series that combines esthetic demands, functionality and sensory effect, and withstands the tough demands of everyday use in gastronomy. No spilled drinks when working quickly, no more incorrect filling volumes, and dimensions that are perfectly tailored to any standard frosters – the Perfect Serve Collection meets the demands of discerning restaurateurs. More information at

About the company Spiegelau

Spiegelau is in the best shape everywhere – whether it’s special glasses to enjoy special beers and wines or universal glasses that can be used in a versatile way: A Spiegelau glass can be raised for any occasion. The designers develop tasteful and practical everyday glasses that offer a perfect balance between proportion, shape and function. Spiegelau can look back on a long tradition of glass manufacture, which extends from the development of the finest glass mirrors for the historic royal houses of Europe through to the manufacture of robust yet elegant glasses for modern restaurants. For over five centuries, an effort has been made to combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies in glass production. In keeping with its roots in traditional Bavarian craftsmanship, Spiegelau now uses the latest, most advanced technologies in order to guarantee that all glasses are absolutely robust and reliable. Spiegelau glasses thus not only possess a high level of brilliance, but are also highly break resistant and dishwasher-safe.

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