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Spiegelau 19.1 oz Craft IPA glass (set of 2)


Spiegelau 19.1 oz Craft IPA glass (set of 2)

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This beautiful glass is designed to showcase the aromatic profiles of your favorite IPA, preserve a frothy head, and enhance mouth feel. Its wide mouth allows for savoring at your own pace. If you’re a hop head, this is a must-have.

These IPA glasses are the result of an exclusive collaboration between renowned German glassmaker, Spiegelau, and two of the world’s most loved and respected craft breweries, Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada.

Designed with wave-like ridges, the unique bottom on the IPA glass works to bring out the beer’s flavor by creating more foam and pushing the hop aromatics into the balloon-shaped chamber of the upper glass.

To make things even better, these glasses maximize the flavor of any other beer with strong aromatics, such as Belgians, pale ales and stouts. Plus they are certified dishwasher safe.

Those involved with the project tested over 100 prototypes, and decided on this glass – the world’s first designed specifically for IPAs. Now it’s your turn to run some tests.


  • Dimensions: 7 1/3″H
  • Capacity: 19.1 oz
Brand Spiegelau
Packaging Style Shelf Box
UPC 4003322273318
Customizable Yes

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